A Sandwich Becomes a Celebration

She knows how to make a sandwich into a celebration. A salad into a symphony. And granola into a grand delight. Sometimes she holds an ingredient, say basil, in her hand before adding it to an awaiting salad. She seems to become one with briny feta cheese, plump red tomatoes or glisteny smooth olives before introducing them to the choir of complimentary salad components. Like a conductor she pays close attention to the unique contribution of each ingredient and the harmony of enjoyment being created.

She is my muse who dances with me to the kitchen and the garden and to meals shared with precious people. Her gentle voice and appreciation of nature always bring pleasure, smiles and a sense of wonder.


Eating with guilt or pleasure.

“I really shouldn’t be eating these French fries,” she said with a grimace. She talked constantly and ate quickly, her fingers like a little vacuum cleaner scurrying around her plate snatching up fries and stuffing them in between words. Soon her plate held only a few grains of the salt she had thoughtlessly showered on the fries when they arrived at the table.

She felt only guilt, no pleasure. Sad. If I were a French fry this is how I would like to be treated. I want you to anticipate my arrival at your table. As I exude the aroma of perfectly prepared golden fries I see your grin that triggers saliva in your willing mouth. Feel my crispiness. I am not like other fries that are robed in greasy residue. Not me. Enjoy my crunch. Treat me like the treat I am. A little salt perhaps? But try me first. Take your time, concentrate on my crispiness, my ability to satisfy. Touch me and give me the attention I deserve.

When food is eaten with pleasure and awareness, it satisfies us down deep inside. And when we stop and check in and enjoy this feeling of satisfaction, why do we sometimes keep eating? An old habit? The fear of having leftovers on our plate? The disgust of throwing away food we paid for?

Let’s make the shift from eating with guilt to enjoying food with pleasure and satisfaction with our senses fully turned on and our awareness on every sensuous bite.


Kind words for good feelings

When I need to lift myself out of a blue funk I think of someone I can cheer up.

Some kind words or a warm smile or a thoughtful text can lift both you and the recipient into a happier place. When I was grocery shopping today, one of the cashiers said “I like your outfit Miss. The colour looks great on you.” For one thing, I like being called Miss, and her compliment made me happy. She had a swing step and a smile on her face and I could tell that she felt better for giving me a compliment.

Cheering someone along can sometimes get us off the black track of self judgement or whatever is dragging us down and put us back in the sunshine.

How about complimenting our partner giving the support and love to help them thrive?

Even if we are not feeling particularly complimentary, we can boost them and brighten up ourselves with “I love how driven you are.”, “I love how you follow your dreams.”, “You’re amazing at how you make things happen.”, “I support your ideas all the way.” or “I love your sexy hugs.” Even anticipating saying these words makes me grin, so it is sure to boost his energy gauge too.

Dancing with Life

Whenever I watch people having fun dancing, or laughing together I see that “The power, warmth, playfulness and beauty of love is ageless.” Age is not an issue. It doesn’t matter if toe joints are not perfectly aligned or if necks aren’t smooth and taut. The energy of love and life is what it is about. When we live in that energy others want to play with us. We are saying YES to life and just like the pull of gravity, we attract others who are joyful too.

I remember being self-conscious about my awkward and goofy dancing. I just couldn’t get into the flow like other people. It felt as though I was pushing my feet across the floor and my strained smile said “I don’t want to be here”. Then a friend gently took my hand to join a group of people having fun on the dance floor. The unspoken message she sent me was “Just move for the fun of it and don’t worry about being perfect.” It was as if I had been given permission to relax and move with the music and get in touch with the same joy I had felt as a little girl twirling in front of the mirror wearing an imaginary party dress. Now I love dancing with life.

Yesterday I saw…

Yesterday I saw a muted orange-coloured orchid with a vibrant velvety purple throat snuggled up to a bright blue hydrangea in a cozy little arrangement in a florist shop window. The sharp colour contrast shocked me and made me linger to drink in the brilliant colours of this simple and elegant arrangement.

Fruits and vegetables are such gorgeous colours to attract us to eat them. Our eyes enjoy the palette of colours and our cells benefit from the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which protect our health. 

The next time I’m enjoying a stroll down the produce aisle I’ll be conscious of selecting some gorgeous colour combinations. A rich deep purple eggplant with emerald green peppers and glowing red tomatoes. There’s the start for a tasty ratatouille. Some deep red velvety raspberries, slivers of a mellow yellow mango and brilliant green kiwi slices will make a gorgeous dessert. 

Here’s a website to show you the vast health benefits of fruits and vegetables. As we enjoy their beauty our body absorbs a true buffet of nutrients and phytochemicals. www.Vhqfoods.ca  It stands for Verified Health Quality.

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Pure pleasure stops time.

I have a picture on my desk that should be entitled “Strawberries are heavenly”. It’s a little girl standing in a strawberry field, completely absorbed in biting into a big red strawberry. All you can see of the berry is the green strawberry cap she is holding gently at her mouth. Her head is tilted to one side and her eyes are closed in pleasure. Her full focus in on the sweet, warm, luscious strawberry. Let’s find a time today when we can stop time and immerse ourselves in pure pleasure.