Yesterday I saw…

Yesterday I saw a muted orange-coloured orchid with a vibrant velvety purple throat snuggled up to a bright blue hydrangea in a cozy little arrangement in a florist shop window. The sharp colour contrast shocked me and made me linger to drink in the brilliant colours of this simple and elegant arrangement.

Fruits and vegetables are such gorgeous colours to attract us to eat them. Our eyes enjoy the palette of colours and our cells benefit from the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which protect our health. 

The next time I’m enjoying a stroll down the produce aisle I’ll be conscious of selecting some gorgeous colour combinations. A rich deep purple eggplant with emerald green peppers and glowing red tomatoes. There’s the start for a tasty ratatouille. Some deep red velvety raspberries, slivers of a mellow yellow mango and brilliant green kiwi slices will make a gorgeous dessert. 

Here’s a website to show you the vast health benefits of fruits and vegetables. As we enjoy their beauty our body absorbs a true buffet of nutrients and phytochemicals.  It stands for Verified Health Quality.


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