Dancing with Life

Whenever I watch people having fun dancing, or laughing together I see that “The power, warmth, playfulness and beauty of love is ageless.” Age is not an issue. It doesn’t matter if toe joints are not perfectly aligned or if necks aren’t smooth and taut. The energy of love and life is what it is about. When we live in that energy others want to play with us. We are saying YES to life and just like the pull of gravity, we attract others who are joyful too.

I remember being self-conscious about my awkward and goofy dancing. I just couldn’t get into the flow like other people. It felt as though I was pushing my feet across the floor and my strained smile said “I don’t want to be here”. Then a friend gently took my hand to join a group of people having fun on the dance floor. The unspoken message she sent me was “Just move for the fun of it and don’t worry about being perfect.” It was as if I had been given permission to relax and move with the music and get in touch with the same joy I had felt as a little girl twirling in front of the mirror wearing an imaginary party dress. Now I love dancing with life.


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