Kind words for good feelings

When I need to lift myself out of a blue funk I think of someone I can cheer up.

Some kind words or a warm smile or a thoughtful text can lift both you and the recipient into a happier place. When I was grocery shopping today, one of the cashiers said “I like your outfit Miss. The colour looks great on you.” For one thing, I like being called Miss, and her compliment made me happy. She had a swing step and a smile on her face and I could tell that she felt better for giving me a compliment.

Cheering someone along can sometimes get us off the black track of self judgement or whatever is dragging us down and put us back in the sunshine.

How about complimenting our partner giving the support and love to help them thrive?

Even if we are not feeling particularly complimentary, we can boost them and brighten up ourselves with “I love how driven you are.”, “I love how you follow your dreams.”, “You’re amazing at how you make things happen.”, “I support your ideas all the way.” or “I love your sexy hugs.” Even anticipating saying these words makes me grin, so it is sure to boost his energy gauge too.


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