Eating with guilt or pleasure.

“I really shouldn’t be eating these French fries,” she said with a grimace. She talked constantly and ate quickly, her fingers like a little vacuum cleaner scurrying around her plate snatching up fries and stuffing them in between words. Soon her plate held only a few grains of the salt she had thoughtlessly showered on the fries when they arrived at the table.

She felt only guilt, no pleasure. Sad. If I were a French fry this is how I would like to be treated. I want you to anticipate my arrival at your table. As I exude the aroma of perfectly prepared golden fries I see your grin that triggers saliva in your willing mouth. Feel my crispiness. I am not like other fries that are robed in greasy residue. Not me. Enjoy my crunch. Treat me like the treat I am. A little salt perhaps? But try me first. Take your time, concentrate on my crispiness, my ability to satisfy. Touch me and give me the attention I deserve.

When food is eaten with pleasure and awareness, it satisfies us down deep inside. And when we stop and check in and enjoy this feeling of satisfaction, why do we sometimes keep eating? An old habit? The fear of having leftovers on our plate? The disgust of throwing away food we paid for?

Let’s make the shift from eating with guilt to enjoying food with pleasure and satisfaction with our senses fully turned on and our awareness on every sensuous bite.



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